The book was made for the Whole (2012-2016) series by Laszlo Gabor Belicza.

My father and me worked in a lumberyard. We laid down a huge poplar on the field, and we chopped it up. It fell apart afore our eyes. My sister’s son was four years old when his father died. Every faces of my family expressed the fear of something absent. All of us felt the lonelyness, but there was a close bond between us. The wood in pieces seemed like the tragedy of my family.It fell apart like us. The whole never will be entire. […]

Laszlo Gabor Belicza photography phosmag online magazine

© Laszlo Gabor Belicza


A/3 297×420 mm, 19 pages, matt fibre paper, canon iPF9400 PrintInside Paper – an off white 300 gr, cover – an off white canvas, plus: etched graphics 100×80 mm.

Thanks for Péter Baki for co-ordinating the work, Péter Appelshoffer for the illustrations, Lilla Szántói for editing and image processing, Krisztina Götz and Dorottya Spitzner for their caring help, Gergő Mayer for his kind-hearted help and particularly my family for their supporting.

The unique and single copy of the book is provided by Eskimo Book.

Budapest, june 2016.

The book was self-published artists’ books.

all images and text © Laszlo Gabor Belicza

Laszlo Gabor Belicza