“The 110 cartridges were launched by Kodak in 1972 as a reaction to consumer complaints about the complications involved with loading and unloading roll film cameras. With the cartridge film the consumer did not have to attach the film leader to a take-up spool so nothing could go wrong. In the same decade, the production of 110 cameras expanded and with its pocketability and ease of loading it made the 110 format popular very quickly.

The pocket book Travel Light presents snapshots taken with my Pentax Auto system 10 as well as advertisements and slogans from the 1970s. The advertisements claim, that it is possible to enlarge the 110 several times, while still maintaining the sharpness, and is the easiest camera to bring on your holiday.

Travel Lights point of departure is the subject matter and a certain aesthetics (the washed out colors and the accentuated magenta and cyan), connecting to a different time, when mass tourism was in its infancy. In that time and age, the cheap camera as a must-have holiday accessory became obligatory. In 2013 I was an artist in residence in Istanbul and produced a series of voyeuristic images of bathing men, photographed at the shores of the Bosphorus. However, the photographs do not depict the classic beach-posing and sexualised subject; the men in focus of my viewfinder are photographed with their backs turned towards me, blurred and indifferent.”

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