Torpignattara 00:00 [2015]

An almost non-existing place and an almost non-existing time peripherally traversed by electronic moods. Alessandro Ciccarelli, if questioned, uses the term “act of waiting” for a work that ends up to be an agreement of absences.

Absence. The absence of the neighborhood in its usual perception, the absence of an indication of time, the absence of the human, the absence of familiar sounds.
Waiting. We are waiting for everything as before, the voices, the swarming of lives, the emptiness turns back into a mental known landscape. But it’s not happening.

© Alessandro Ciccarelli

© Alessandro Ciccarelli

It would be night, but the digital eye is not monitoring, the material and auditory arrangements are undefined, but not restless. With the reptilian brain at rest, the assault/escape dynamic is defused, this is the occasion when the joys and miseries of forced cohabitation reveal the effects on urban matters. The net exchange after tensions and the neurosis, the discomfort, the body fluids, it appears only in the form of remains, waste. It is the circumstance where the urban structure is revealed.

© Alessandro Ciccarelli

There are not focused architectures, but adaptations. Light sources point to symmetries so unreliable to admit how precarious is the context.
It is a confession, an admission of weakness.
This vulnerability of the forms of the urban condition comes to describe indirectly and unsettling the human vulnerability.


all images © Alessandro Ciccarelli and text © Giusi Palomba

Alessandro Ciccarelli