The Third Space

My body of work is a summary of an ongoing photography process started in 2011 in an attempt to depict the spaces I can refer to as Home. This visual research is looking at the relationships between photography, text, video, and concepts of memory, trauma, and space.

This current body of work includes a large scale color photographs made by a medium format camera between 2011 – 2013.

© Yanir Shani

© Yanir Shani

© Yanir Shani

I decided to explore the area of “The 11 Points” in the Negev desert in South of Israel. “The 11 Points” are 11 Communities founded in a large scale settlement operation led by the Jewish Agency in the North of the Negev desert, which was in that time empty and demilitarized, on the night of the October 5th 1946. The purpose of the operation was to set facts on the ground prior to the end of the British Mandate and the dividing of the area between Jews and Arabs.

The photographs describe this specific space while applying a predetermined aesthetic sense. The work wishes to exist on the seam between documentary of a specific time and space, or use as a metaphor for an existential situation.


all images and text © Yanir Shani

Yanir Shani