Sonder contains five A5 volumes.
Each book is a journey from beginning to end, from one initial character to many others; therefore, some books contain more pages than others, depending on the amount of stories included in that particular volume. For instance, the first one of the series, the story based on Violet, has about 40 pages; the other volumes have around 70-80 pages each.

I printed and bound Sonder in Italy and I chose the paper from Fedrigoni; specifically I opted for ‘Fedrigoni Materica’. This crafted paper adds both volume and strength to the work. Regarding the binding, I wanted it to be as tactile, raw, and natural as possible, in order to remind us of the choice of that peculiar paper. I put particular focus on small details such as the covers of the books or the font and colour chosen for the text on the box set. As you can see, each volume – and the box set too – show some colourful ribbons on their covers; those ribbons are all hand-made.

Rossella Castello phosmag photobooks photography online magazine italy

© Rossella Castello

Rossella Castello italy photobooks phosmag photography online magazine

© Rossella Castello

The binder has carefully cut part of the canvas into colourful thin strips of fabric to make the ribbons. The ribbons play an almost fundamental role; the cover of the first volume is decorated with five coloured ribbons; the first of these, a lilac ribbon, symbolises the first character I met, Violet, whilst the other four ribbons represent the four characters I was subsequently introduced to as a result of knowing Violet. As stated above, each story is completely different from one another, and this is reflected into the hand-made characteristics of each book.
The first copy was printed in May 2016 as final project of my BA degree in Photographic Arts. Consequently, I printed some more copies of the first edition in September 2016. I am now working on a second edition, which will have a simpler format, maybe soft-bound, and with a lighter box set; a more handy version just like the characters described in my books.



20.5 cm x 15 cm, paper Fedrigoni Materica, first edition of May 2016 (print on demand)

all images and text © Rossella Castello

Rossella Castello