“São was published in São Paulo, in February of 2014. It was independently produced and financed with an edition of 500 copies. The zine was produced with laminated couche paper and inkjet. são is my first publication.”

São is a series of dyptichs that explores the relation between what’s built and the people that live and work in downtown São Paulo. The duos are always divided equally between buildings and men, with compositions that unite the two images by parallels of color or form.

In the images of são the built and the humane fill the frame completely. There’s no breathing room, no sky. São Paulo can create that feeling in its visitors, with high buildings, near each other, practically conjoined. The masses of people that walk fast trough the central streets can also drag you, leaving immersed in a sea of people.

São seeks for order in this chaos, looking for patterns in the disorder and uniting images that give the tone of the life in downtown São Paulo. são is a series from the streets, from observation, that seeks to externalize the life of people immersed in the heart of one of the most populated cities in the world.

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