“I have been traveling by train for ages. I travel very often and mostly long distances.

First I used to take “routine” pictures such the land behind the window or the train interior and I rarely photographed the passengers on my travels. Photographing people had deterred me as they usually tended to act unnaturally and affected. However once a young girl had taken a seat next to me and fell asleep. At this point I was suddenly aware that I don’t care about the scene behind the window but the scene somewhere inside is that I want to see. It was not about the train or its interior. It was about the ambience that changes according to people traveling together and never remains static. Whenever they fall asleep they lose the control over their affected behavior and suddenly composure and unaffectedness injects into the surroundings. THAT IS THE MOMENT OF MY PHOTOGRAPHY.

I have chosen the quit and discreet way of photography- the mobile phone imaging.
This selection is not about portrait of the sleeping person in technical aspect. However, it tries to capture that given atmosphere, surrounding the sleeping person, without any interference. It’s a special moment of the intimacy in the public place.”


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