In the Beira-Alta region of Portugal, where Tito Mouraz was born and brought up, there is a house that is said to be haunted by the ghosts of seven women, all maiden sisters. One of them was a witch. On nights of the full moon, the women, in their white gowns, would fly from their balcony over to the leafy branches of the chestnut across the street. From there they would seduce men who passed-by.

Mouraz explores the myth of this place through raw, moody black and white images that capture the sense of the night, the fumes, the moon, the sounds of the trees. It is an environment where the past resonates deeply and within which the people portrayed seem attached, like trees, to the land in which they they live. Beira-Alta shaped Mouraz as a child and through his persistent return he searches out the slow changes of time through the gradual aging and transformation of a landscape.

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© Tito Mouraz

The House Of The Seven Women (Casa das Sete Senhoras)

Photos: Tito Mouraz
Texts: Nuno Crespo & Tito Mouraz (EN and PT)
Year: 2016
Hardback, 300mm x 240mm
108 pages, 55 tritone plates, Offset
Design: Sérgio Couto
Publisher: Dewi Lewis Publishing
650 copies
First Edition

Special Edition – 25 copies, 2016

25 collector’s copies in a wooden box (walnut).
Two signed and numbered Gelatin Silver print on FB paper (24 x 30 cm) Edition of 25. 
One more gift – a signed Gelatin Silver portrait from the series printed on a vintage FB Kodak paper, discontinued in the 70s (15 x 20 cm). All printed by the author.

(…) for this photographer, landscape does not mean something one describes, represents or witnesses, but a place which is inhabited by tension and where the visible elements seem to invoke not only material presence, but also absences, spirits and magic.     

Nuno Crespo

all images and text © Tito Mouraz

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