Detroit Shoreway

A product of meditation and gathering. Detroit Shoreway is a collection of images which alternate between two narratives. Found images of from the 70’s of African American families gathering in living rooms. The artist passing through the streets of Cleveland, OH at night during a snow storm.

The book bridges both narratives in an effort to empathize with the discarded found photographs. The imagery of families are interleaved into the book so that the photographs can be removed and replaced as needed. The historical reference of the imagery is constantly evaluated and misunderstood, as components enter and exit the work.

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© Ben Schonberger


5.75 x 7.75 inches, Duotone Printing, 4 Color Pigment Print Interleaves, self published 30 copies, 2017

all images and text © Ben Schonberger

Ben Schonberger