Our cities and landscapes are going through constant changes and we do not even notice certain phenomena, we consider them natural. The original outlook of the city is being changed for neutral settings, while landscapes are destroyed by human interference, sometimes causing more serious damage than the environmental catastrophes. The “BACK but WHY” series is a paraphrase.

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On one hand, the expression “Black and White” is getting forgotten since technology rewrites the past. The traditional black and white method is connected to the past and a very small circle of connoisseurs. The other interpretation of the concept of the series is “back but why”. Back to the darkness, to the destruction, to the oppression, to war, to ignorance. Mankind wants to get the better of itself meanwhile we are deepening poverty around us.

All of this takes place in front of an innocent, clean flat where “white lies” are totally accepted. But why is this all happening? The desire for possessing is getting more important and the lust for power makes people selfish. Let’s do something about it! We should be aware of the quiet destruction of our cities, be sensitive about the loud intervention of our landscapes, because this is as much ours as no one else’s.


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