Alone. Together.

Three states of being that we all find ourselves in at some time.

Alone doesn’t have to mean lonely?

And Together doesn’t always mean happy?

© Margarita Vazquez Diaz

© Margarita Vazquez Diaz

I see big questions like these in the small moments of life. I feel the empty sadness of a lost shoe in the street. And to me, watching a cow struggle to reach the grass behind a barb-wired fence encapsulates this human urge to always want more; to never be satisfied with what we already have.

© Margarita Vazquez Diaz

© Margarita Vazquez Diaz

This collection of images are moments from my ordinary, daily life that I was instinctively compelled to capture because in that instant they spoke to me of something more than what I observed with my eyes.

I had an emotional response, it made me question.

Making photos sometimes gives me answers.


all images and text © Margarita Vazquez Diaz

Margarita Vazquez Diaz