“The unsolved crime of Moixina is not about any crime and doesn’t show the life of the Moixina shark in the Mediterranean Sea, but has a little bit of both things. I did this photozine after “All is full of plastic” where there was a bit of irony and tasteless expressions, the unsolved crime show a darker point of view.


© Pere Saguer,24 pages, A5, stapled, edition of 25, published by Bad Weather Press, April 2010

Drunk people, tits, glory, putrefaction, disasters and sexually risque. Could be a description of a XXX film, but it’s what a teenager do on summer in Empordà, also know as Costa Brava. Most of the pictures are taken from there, but other shoots from Amsterdam and Benicarló reinforces the theme of the photozine and makes more sense.”

The first edition of 25 copies, published by Bad Weather Press, is sold out. Pere Saguer is looking forward on a second edition.

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