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Luana Rigolli phosmag photography Italy landscape

Luana Rigolli

SUPERFICI INSTABILI There is a picture of myself as a child that often comes to my mind: it's me on my desk, reading the very first rudiments of geology that t... Read More...
Luma Koklova photography france phosmag

Luma Koklova

"There are images that express more than words, that go ahead of them, that elude them, or, more rarely, that scramble them. There are processes that elude the ... Read More...
Angeliki Manta greece phosmag photography

Angeliki Manta

Anatomy Anatomy, as the title of this project, refers to the concept of the anatomy of soul.  The inspiration derived from Plato’s Theory of Motion. The quote ... Read More...
© Eric Bourret phosmag france photography

Éric Bourret

"Starting with their naturally gaseous state, Bourret turns the skies along the crests of the Himalayas into powerfully material images. At an altitude of anyth... Read More...
© Ilias Lois photography phosmag greece

Ilias Lois

Golden Peak Agios Ioannis Rentis is a suburb of Piraeus, the large port near Athens. It is divided into a residential area, which occupies a small part of the ... Read More...