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Kosmas Iliadis greece photography phosmag

Kosmas Iliadis

Present Tense “We penetrated deeper and deeper into heart of darkness” Joseph Conrad, “The Heart of Darkness”   Is it possible for a black and white... Read More...
vats photography phosmag france


FLAKED Veronique Augry and Tiffany Silve collaborate for more than 2 years by capturing the world around them. This duo of women artists - photographers practi... Read More...
Joel Han photography phosmag usa

Joel Han

Contemplations My ongoing longing for intimacy lead me to a blind spot of other people’s existences. Shackled by the obligatory routine of the everyday life, I... Read More...
© Ciaran Dunbar diesel phosmag photography Ireland

Ciaran Dunbar

DIESEL These images show the locations of sites along the Irish border (North Louth/South Armagh/South Down) where illegal dumping of toxic sludge has taken pl... Read More...
Philip LePage canada phosmag photography

Philip LePage

A Certain Distance 25 years ago I woke up in a hospital with no memory of how I had gotten there. 'A Certain Distance' is an ongoing series of images exploring... Read More...
Robert Rutöd photography artists austria phosmag

Robert Rutöd

Fair(y) Tales An expedition through the grotesque realm of must-haves and mega-trends. It seems as if there is a constant factor amidst the diversity of our... Read More...