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phosmag - Ben Gowertt -

Temporary Still Lifes

Everything is constantly changing; between chaos and order, built, demolition, rebuilt. But there are always moments in process which exhibit some kind of own momentum, perfection and calmness. Moments of rest and a certain romantic presence among the continuously inexorable changes.
fotografie Ben Gowertt temporary still life 9, art, urban, ben gowert, photography, minimalism, sun texture, abstract, lost places, wall, still lifes, shadow, structure, artwork, jobs site, architektur, urban landscape, minimal, house, visual arts, chaos order

© Ben Gowertt

Ben Gowertt temporary still life 23, art, ben gowert, urban, fence; zaun, photography, minimalism, abstract, lost places, fotografie, temporary still lifes, textur, structure, artwork

© Ben Gowertt

Ben Gowertt kunst art temporary still life 18, urban, ben gowert, photography, minimalism, abstract, fotografie, stuhl, textur, structure, artwork, jobs site, chair, abstrakt, installation, architecture, urban landscape, minimal visual arts

© Ben Gowertt

Ben Gowertt art, urban, photography, temporary still life 15, minimalism, abstract, ben gowert, foto, still lifes, lines, structure, pattern, artwork, jobs site , struktur, abstrakt, installation, architecture, architektur, urban landscape, kunst, minimal, visual arts

© Ben Gowertt


Ben Gowertt, photographer visual artist living and working in Muenster, Germany


Ben Gowertt